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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Beginning

What or who is Imaginate?  We are three friends, each with our unique skills and talents, who have merged our resources to create an event services company.  Each of us -- The Whisk, The Pen, and The Hammer, have been individually asked by our friends to bake, design, or build something for them for their special events.  So we got together and created what we feel is a unique amalgamation of talents that can readily produce what people need to give their special events a customized edge.  You imagine it and we'll create it.  Our vision is big but we know that we must take baby steps to get there.  This blog will be a visual and written record of those baby steps. 
We hope that you will come with us in our journey as we try to grow from an idea discussed over many meals together into something we all can be proud of.  We welcome comments, encouragements and constructive criticisms.  This is the beginning.
-The Whisk

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